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USJ バックドロップ! Looking for a young man I met at USJ, Backdrop


30 Mar 2016
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Hi, I'm looking for a young man I met at Universal Studios Japan's Hollywood dream, the Backdrop ride.
Date: 23rd March 2016 (Friday)
Time: Between 7pm - 9pm JPT

I do not have a picture, or name, or number. Only the knowledge that one other people that could possibly remember this event, and the hope that one of them may find this. He speaks Osaka / Kansai dialect, probably staying in the Kansai region. He is approximately 178 cm or taller. (I'm 165cm and at his shoulder). He wore a Grey hoodie and dark colored scarf that day, carrying a small red and black backpack. His friend was clad in a black coat.

We were queuing for the Backdrop ride at USJ around 7pm that evening. He was with a friend and I was with my mum who accompanied me just for the queuing. I could tell that he was trying his best to approach me, but didn't really know how to (Possibility he can't speak English well?) or maybe was really shy at that point in time. He would often talk to his friend as if asking how he should approach me. (I can understand the Japanese language decently, so I could roughly understand what they said) We made eye contact several times and occasionally I could see him from the corner of my eye looking at me. It was definitely no coincidence (My mum observed it too), but I often was too shy to look back at him in the eye. Once or twice, I managed to muster my courage and smiled at him. He responded with a nod as if to acknowledge and I did the same. Twice, when I was stopped by an attendant, he would wait even though the queue had long moved ahead, and sometimes appeared as though he wanted to come up and help but didn't know how to. Once, he even let some people behind me bypass us. After the ride, when he exited, he saw my mum waiting and knew that I've yet to exit, so he waited. But again, I wasn't able to respond well to that. And I walked past him without being able to acknowledge. My mum also told me that when I was using my phone, he would look over as if trying to obtain information about me for contact.

I feel terrible not being able to respond to his gestures. But I was genuinely interested in him and I REALLY would want to find him again. Even if I only know his name or we become just friends, that's all I could ask for really. Its been many days and I'm still thinking a lot about him.

Please contact me if anyone knows who he is.
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