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Using こと(koto)- please help!

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12 Oct 2017
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Me again...
I've learned that こと has a few uses, one of the main uses being that it can be used to turn verb phrases into nouns-> i.e こと can be used to turn "Someone reads" into "the act of someone readING books".

Why is it used in the following sentence?
暇なとき、youtube で面白い動画を見ることもあります
"In my free time, I sometimes watch funny videos on youtube"
In my mind, using koto here means that the sentence would translate to either:
"in my free time, I sometimes watchING funny videos on youtube" (Doesn't make sense)
"In my free time, I sometimes TO WATCH funny videos on youtube" (also doesn't make sense)

What is it I'm missing?

Thanks in advance guys
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