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Use of Keigo in Different Contexts

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japanese folk! I want to know, if you please, and i would be glad to receive your frank answers, i want to know more about keigo. Here are the questions:

  1. Does keigo feel natural when addressing other people, whether they be superiors or inferiors? Please explain your general mood (anxiety, piety, respect, anger etc.).
2.By what age are you supposed to speak making use of keigo? Does this rule apply nowadays?

3.Which are the most frequently brought into disscusion keigo expressions?

  1. Do you expect to be talked to using keigo? Details are welcomed!

  2. Can you recollect a few incidents regarding keigo during school life?

  3. Can you recollect a few incidents regarding keigo while in a company?

  4. Tell us about you keigo experience in other contexts!
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