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USA should not follow adventurous behaviors in Persian Golf


4 Mar 2016
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Aside from US government that show enmity to Iran, we Iranian respect people of America and are interested to have a fairly relationship with this nation that are faultless about the irritating and provocative decisions and movements of White House.

As I told in another post, USA government honor to its military facilities and equipment and this prideful thought causes they suppose they are rightful to dominate on others or interfere other people's border, right and wealth. I am sorry for this type of ideology that allows a country officials to encounter other peoples so arrogant and haughty. The officials that support the criminal regimes like Saudi family and also a regime like Israel.

It have been seen frequently that American warships arrived Iran waters inattentive and Iran combat boats had to warn them about an obligatory reaction, because of the lawlessly border crossing.

These provocative and improper behaviors of USN is not according to the international laws, rights of nations and damage the lawful prestige of the guilty government in the international social and political scene.

Independence, peace, law and justice are the best gifts from God to humanity and why some of the rulers must reject these gifts arrogantly and try in conflict and hostility, due to their greed to territory of other nations?

Nowadays people and governments of the world observe the policy and logic of a country and that country is certifiable just due to its international policy and fairly relationships. In the new world, war and military power are not the keys of succeed for authoritarian rulers. At this point of the time, people, their viewpoints and votes are the most important pillars of governing, not only the nation of a country but the international society.

At this time, people are connected to each other, despite the difference of their previous wrong or right believes that were imparted to them. The instance is my communication with you. The decades before, it was not possible I talk you so easy and comprehensive or the news with its detail are presented to people of the world so fast and agile, although some of the news are manipulated by some medias and are offered to people incorrectly.

At this time, if a bull makes a sound in England, its sounds will reach Australia and if a chef cooks a food in Argentina, its smell will be sensed in Thailand. Now, we are living in an international village, while we should not be like the rural persons, unaware and away from right information.

However, US ships just move in the international path in the Persian Golf and don't cross Iran water borders. If this law is observed nothing will be the cause of reaction of Iran combat boats against American ships that left their shores in the other side of the earth and came to Persian Golf for fun!
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