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US cars vs J-cars or German cars

As long as it's not a French car... :D

Well, every car-origin has it's pains.

US cars are way too large to fit on European roads, they're uneconomical and costly in maintainence.

German cars are damn ugly but quite solid build.

Japanese cars last forever, however lately they've become just as ugly as the German ones (at least the models sold in Europe).

French cars look great, but break down very fast.
Blue Eyed Samurai no kotowaza: "German cars are still best!"

(of course you may disagree)

Oh yes, Twisted is absolutely right, French cars are the types that Fred Flintstone drives in.

Mata ne!
In all fairness, I think that the negative image of French cars dates back to the 70s and 80s and meanwhile became quite obsolete. Their current designs are unexcelled (Pininfarina!), service and manufacturing are excellent (no, I have no affiliation with Peugeot other than my mother driving a 306 GTI, lol).
I've owned two brand new Citroen Saxo's (They're called Chanson in Japan) and both had engine problems. I should have known after the first one, but i was stupid enough to buy a second one. I've lost count on how many other problems, besides the engine, that second one had. Never again!

Peugeot uses the same engines, by the way. Be warned...

Swedish cars are good, but they don't come cheap.

As for German cars: How many people do you know that claim to have taste, and drive a Volkswagen... :)
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