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Urgent! Remote Procedure Call???


23 Oct 2003
My computer keeps shuting down by itself only leaving me this information:

NT AUTHORITY has ended,
RPC Remote Procedure Call,

I'll try to print screen before it shuts down to give you a better idea.

Anyone know what this is?
Luc, From What I Found Using Google....

your PC has a virus called Lovesan or Blaster. It sounds like you may need a friends PC to download the fix to a floppy & run it on yours? I'm not to smart on what to do, but Jeisan or someone may know a better way to clean it out. If you have a virus program on your PC, go to their web site and see if it will help you. If your PC keeps shutting down, you may need a friends PC to get you out of the mess. I'll post a question on what to do under the geek section to see if anyone can help. Hang in there, we'll save ya!!!

Google Has A Ton Of Info Under...

LOVESAN or BLASTER virus. Apparantly it is an old one. It may use all your E-Mail addresses to send itself out automatically and infect your friends if they don't have a block for it. Using Google you should be able to find a site to down load the cure.How long does your PC stay on before you get the warning? Have you got a friend that can let you use their PC to fix yours?

Good Luck !!

yeah its most probably the blaster worm, youll need to find out which instance of either you have. turn on your windows firewall, network connections, then right click your connection, in the advanced tab check mark portect access to... then "ok"
if you have any of the following in your c:\windows\system32 folder its the blaster worm. mslaugh.exe, teekids.exe, msblast.exe, dllhost.exe and several others. go here to learn about you viruses and how to remove them, also pick up the patch from microsoft.

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Thanks Jeisan, I Knew You Could Help !

I was surprised such an old virus is still around! I down loaded the block from Microsoft for XP just in case I didn't have it already.

yeah lol blaster still goes around, i originally got it in jan. then i got it again about a week ago, with the patch, so i dunno how helpful that is...

oh yeah i forgot, luc whenever you finally manage to clean your system. turn off system restore, click apply, then turn it back on. the worm(s) will get into those files and just hang out there and thats the only effective way i know to rid them from there.

spray raid bug spray into my intake cooling fans to keep my system healthy!! Vicks rubbed onto the monitor takes care of a good picture!


Okay, My computer started doing that RPC shutdown thing the first day I got it. I had only logged on the internet once, and then immediately got off. The second time I logged on I found out it could do that. 1) Could I get the blaster virus just from that? Because I do have the file dllhost.exe. ;_; And, can anyone tell me what file dllhost3g.exe is? Thanks. 2) Okay, Luc, this is how I bypassed it to get my internet working::

Figure out a way to get Microsoft Outlook uninstalled/deconfigured. Just get it to not work at all. I did this by reinstalling everything, and just leaving outlook alone.

Then, you can go online and get the stuff you need. GOOD LUCK!
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