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27 Aug 2003
Could someone tell me how to upload a photo into a post or reply? It doesn't seem to work for me when I try to use "Attach File" below. Thanks! :)
It shows absolutely nothing .... just completely disappears into a void somewhere ... :p
The photo I was trying to upload was 34kb. I don't have any problem whatsoever uploading in the gallery, but for some reason I can't get it to work in posting. It should appear when I preview it first, shouldn't it? Because so far, it is not. Also, I have a Mac, if that makes any difference, although I can't imagine why it would in this area.
Per chance, you are using Safari or is it Internet Explorer, for browsing the web?

Give some details about this, please.
Sorry to hear about your problems! You can either directly link to the image in case it's stored on another server by using vB image tags (without spaces):

[ img] URL_to_your_image [ /img ]

or attach the file to your post. There will be no preview.
It worked!!! Thanks everyone! And Thomas, as soon as you said the photo wouldn't appear in preview, I realized I was probably doing it right all along. (Sorry, I feel like a computer illiterate sometimes!) Now if I can just figure out how to quote material in a post ... but I will ask that question in another thread, in case others need the information as well. Thanks again everyone!!

I'm having trouble uploading photos to posts and my signature as well. I'm sure it's just because I don't know what I'm doing. Could someone walk me through the process? :? Thanks.
on the reply page, click where it says "manage attachments"
a little box will pop-up, either fill in the filepath or browse to the pic you wish to upload then click the upload button. once it has finished you will see the filename of the uploaded pic below the browse bit. once you see that go ahead and click "close this window"
when your done with your reply just click sumbit reply and the pic should be in your post as a thumbnail.

for web linked pics all you need is the image code

you cant upload pics for your sig they have to be linked from somewhere else using the image code.
This is a test to see if the attachment worked.


  • Washington.bmp
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yup worked, oh yeah i forgot to mention .bmp wont have a thumbnail for some reason they've always only displayed as a link like that.
Is it possible to show the actual picture in the post, rather than it being a thumbnail?
yeah but it has to be linked from another site using the image code, it can then be anywhere in the post as well.
like this:

then you can talk some more etc etc and put in another pic if you like. then can attach one from your computer at the end.

press the quote button on this post to get see an example of the code.
nah i kinda disabled it in the above post by not putting in the "http://"
but basicly just like the one but with the "http://" youre typing in the reply.
or actually in the reply push this button

then put the url in the box that pops up.

oh yeah i dont think they work in this forum for some reason. link pics anyway, test it out in chit chat.
Thanks for the help. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

So the trick with photos in the signature is that the images have to be small, right?
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