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Update on Michi Aoyama


18 Jun 2002
Although I have not received any replies from my original inquiry about Michi Aoyama, I do have some more details about her that may help. She was a popular singer in the 1960's. She released a version of the song "Underneath the Mango Tree" as well as some Blues titles. I have heard this music is making a comeback and I hope her name will resurface in the limelight. As far as I know, Michi is now retired but I don't know where she lives. She lived in Tokyo primarily. I don't speak or write/read Japanese so I feel dependent upon those who do in order to fully pursue this matter. Relatives are hoping to meet her. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.
Hi Kerry,

I just searched the net and could only come up with very little info. Aoyama Michi was a representative of Japanese acid jazz during the 60s and 70s.

From a recent re-release:

"A recent reappreciation and nostalgia for older musics, particularly mong the "hip" in major cities has brought an unprecendented number of rereleases and unusual compilations of 1970's Japanese music to the market. For the most part, these compilations center around "unusual" sounds, such as the late-60's Boogaloo boom, the "British Invasion" and the Bossanova. Also, recent compilations centering around 70's era TV themes, TV commercials and films have become more and more ommon."

Here's a soundtrack
=> http://www.musicserver2.com/scripts/hurlPNM.exe?/buymusic/~dd-600007/0047037_0101_07_0002.ra

I know that doesn't help you a lot, but we'll try to get more info on Mrs. Aoyama.
aoyama michi

hi kerry!!! Aoyama Michi was a famous singer in Japan. She is son of japanese/black american. She was a "buruusu singer" (blues singer). She recorded some records at Nippon Crown Company. Into the 70's this kind of song style fallen down, only Aoe Mina survived (Aoe Mina was the queen of the japanese blues). It is very difficult to find a cd or a record of Aoyama Michi nowadays... Only one tape was launched at 1998, "Aoyama Michi Vol.1" by Nippon Crown. Her bigger success was "Shikaranaide". I like her songs so much, I have this tape, I listen always!

Big kisses to you.

Xande ( I am Brazilian, japanese and italian and spanish descendant)
Thanks for your reply! I'm still hoping someone out there will lead me directly to her. I hope she is still alive and well. I do appreciate any information or news about her in any case.
looks like she was on TV prg, its about how those out-of-sight stars been getting along lately, broadcasted Sept 20 03 by TBS and Oct 9 by other... reads she is on welfae with her 14 yrs old 3rd daughter... broke her right leg, trying to ride a bicycle.
will email to TBS about your inquiry.
About Michi on TBS

First of all, I regret not having noticed your post much sooner! Do you remember where she was living at the time of the TBS show? If you did get a chance to contact the program station, did they send you any replies?

I do appreciate your interest and response. Thank you very much for sharing this information with me.
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