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3 Jan 2004
Hey everyone. Does anyone know of a place where I can get untranslated manga (nothing changed, just as it is in Japan) without having to pay an arm and a leg for international shipping charges?
If someone could help me out that'd be great!
I Tried All The Book Stores, No Luck, But...

some of the stores that specialize in comic books carried some in a small section. Here in Maine, it's Newbury Comics. Ebay or Amazon might be worth checking for cheap stuff. Good luck!

Hmmm....You could check AnimeNation.com out. They have a great selection of stuff, and I don't think shipping and handling is too much. (However, I haven't bought from there, yet, so I don't know! :p Just a suggestion. :hanabi:.)
Hey everyone, incase anyone was in the same situation I was in I've found a solution. Thanks for the suggestions (p.s. I still have to check animenation) but I never was one for bidding on ebay, and they won't always have what you want, and amazon was the 'arm and leg chargers' I was talking about. Amazon.com doesn't carry any untranslated stuff (that I've found) but amazon.co.jp has a lot of stuff. If you have a very basic knowledge of Japanese (if I could do it im sure you guys should have absoloutly no problem) you can navigate around. So I found what I wanted for only 390 yen (roughly $3.50) a piece. I though great, but then when I went to check the shipping charges you have to pay an extra 300 yen for handling for each book (making each book a total of roughly $6.25). Ok not to bad, but shipping... you can 2 to 5 days for a shipping charge of 2700 yen (about $25!) or wait 2 to 5 weeks (WOW!) for still a high shipping charge of 1200 yen (about $11). Hmmm well that turned out to be a bit much for just books! There is a solution though.
The place with all the books I was looking for for a decent price. Each book is $6.20 (sounds familiar) but it comes from America so you can pay decent shipping charges. Sasuga is my savior and on that note I will conclude my entirely too long post.
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