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24 Sep 2002
hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone knew where I could get the Japanese unemployment trend for the last couple of years, I have tried searching the internet but so far no luck. I figured you guys have helped me before, you can do it again.

PS this is for my this thesis
Hi Sherry,

actually there's not a lot of info available.

Here's a page from the Ministry of Labour, but it's not exactly up-to-date...

"Features of the Employment and Unemployment Situation in 1998"

=> http://www2.mhlw.go.jp/english/white_paper/1_1.htm

Labour Information in Japan

=> http://www.jil.go.jp/laborinfo-e/statistics/profile.shtml

Unemployment rates (from "Japan in Figures 2003")

=> http://www.stat.go.jp/english/data/figures/zuhyou/1616.xls

Unemployment and External and Internal Labor Market Flexibility: A Comparative View of Europe, Japan, and the United States

=> http://www.newschool.edu/cepa/papers/archive/cepa0111.pdf

I'm afraid you have to pick your morsels of info from the files listed above. If I find anything more substantial, I'll post it here.

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