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7 Oct 2016
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Hi everyone!

I am so glad to introduce you a big interesting event which is opened on the Awaji island from 10/29 to 11/13 this year. As you see, it’s called UNDOKAI WORLD CUP so everyone all around the world can join us. I am so sure that you can meet lots of people and make lots of friends.

It is a big sports event that everyone can join and play games just for free. And we have prepared a lot of rewards for persons who win the game. Now I will show you the rewards of this event.

The biggest one is a BMW! Yes! Don't doubt your eyes. The winners will get a BMW electrical car! And other winners can get a pair of tickets which enable you to have an amazing tour to Europe. Also there are some fly machines for people who don't like BMW or trips on Europe. So just come on and get your rewards!

There are lots of games in this sports event some of which are the traditional games widely played in the schools of Japan. So it is also a good chance to know about the Japanese culture of education.

So let me show you some games like this “Giant ball roll “, “Beanbag toss “and “Tug-of-war”.

Of course we also have 13 other games like “Rope skipping “and “bubble soccer “. Trust me you will have fun in this event. Maybe you don’t know the rules of the games, so we will make a special manual for you. If you know Japanese, you can check the rules on our home page. But please trust me they are very simple.

I also want to tell you something about the Awaji island. It is a big island which is famous as the place where the god of Japan was born. The temple of the god is called IZANAGI JINGU, maybe you can find some secrets about the birth of Japan here.

So join us and play games with other people and enjoy the tour on the Awaji island.

Our website: http://www.undokaiwc.com/

You can get lots of information from there but it is just written in Japanese so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this event.

My email address is: [email protected]


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