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uhh well youve been here longer than me but you dont post so much.....so i dunno
and well your from texas where good ol' George "Nuclear Cowboy" Bush is from.
aww sh*t not again... thanks eimik, i hope no one else saw me with my pants like this.

yuh the lil icons and titles under your name depend on your number of posts.

O-shou: 1000+ posts
Kin-shou: 500 posts
Gin-shou: 250 posts
Keima: 100 posts
Yari: 50 posts
Hisha: 25 posts
Kakugyou: 10 posts
Fuhyou: 1-9

any addition info can be found here:
its more interesting that way, i hate it when the boards are slow and you have to wait days for a reply.

Ooooh .. so that's what the things meant under my name ... I was wondering about that.

Quite an interesting conversation in here, aye? XDDDD
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