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Um... hi there!... I like the smilies! \(^o^)/!


25 Aug 2003
I'll try to keep this short! - x^_^x...
I'm 25, I'm Irish & living in Ireland...
I'm *soon* going to be working either in advertising or games design... depending on how things work out over the next little while... after studying 3D animation for a few years in college... & floating around after that, learning alot of programs that I'll probably never use!
I spent a month in Japan around Christmas time & it was the greatest month of my life!... I'm hoping to go over there for a few days in October & a week in December too...I have a Japanese girlfriend who I love very much... & I'm trying to pick up some Japanese now in my spare time...in the hopes of some day working full time as a 3D animator in Japan!:)
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