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Ultraman Tiga

Originally posted by Kakuzen
The storyline is definitely geared towards children, but I really enjoyed seeing some of the residential and urban scenes in Japan.

I tell you a secret: I'm watching Shin-chan for the very same reason.
Our little secret...


But seriously... Ultraman Tiga was filmed back in 1997, and they show a lot of scenes that were shot on the streets and inside homes, which are kinda cool to look at. And I think Takami Yoshimoto's (Pilot Rena Yanase) face makes her look just like a human anime character. Incredibly attractive IMHO.

Did you check out the "true hyperlinks" under Takami and Mio's names, in my original post to this thread Thomas?





To be honest... the residential and urban scenes initially caught my attention when clicking through the channels this morning, but Takami and Mio kept my attention for the duration of the program.


p.s. The storyline for Crayon Shin-chan makes it definitely more entertaining than Ultraman Tiga, but Takami and Mio do make Ultraman Tiga bearable. Then again, we are talking apples and oranges here. Shin-chan is an anime series, while Ultraman Tiga is a filmed series w/special effects.
You're right. I'm convinced. :)

I hope Ultraman will be reaching Europe in this decade. We're far behind in this regard.

Hey... your avatar is a little Ultraman... isn't it? :D

Here's a list of the Ultraman productions from Japan:

Ultraman (1966-67)
Ultraseven (1967-68)
Ultraman Jack ('The Ultraman Who Returned,' 1971-72)
Ultraman Ace (1972-73)
The Father of Ultra
Ultraman Taroh (1973-74)
The Mother of Ultra
Ultraman Leo (1974-75)
Ultraman King
Ultraman Jonias ('The Ultraman,' 1979-80)
Ultraman 80 (1980-81)
Ultraman Chuck ('Ultraman USA,' 1989)
Ultrawoman Beth ('Ultraman USA,' 1989)
Ultraman Scott ('Ultraman USA,' 1989)
Ultraman Great ('Ultraman: Towards the Future,' 1991-92)
Ultraman Powered ('Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero,' 1995)
Ultraman Zearth (1996/97)
Ultraman Tiga (1996-97)
Ultraman Dyna (1997-98)
Ultraman Gaia (1998-99)
Ultraman Agul
Ultraman Nice (1999/2000)
Ultraman Neos (2000-01)
Ultraseven 21
Ultraman Cosmos (2001-2002)
Ultraman Justice

May the EU get these UM products ASAP!
Then you can join the GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad)!!!

As my granny used to say: "Your words in god's ear!" ;)

And yes, my avatar shows a kiddie-version of the original ultraman, lol. Anyhow, it's time for a change.

No one ever asks who my avatar is...

I have been a student of Zen for nearly two decades, and one of the most influential teachers of that tradition is Ikkyu Sojun. Perhaps I will start a thread in "Religion in Japan" about Ikkyu's sometimes "R - Rated" teachings.

My avatar is from a Japanese TV anime series called "Ikkyu-san" that has had an influence on many Japanese people who are my age.
Funnily enough, I watch anime and Japanese movies for the same reason as you two. Finding out about daily life and speech patterns and mannerisms, as opposed to checking out the local talent, which is far too lowbrow for a prudish snob like me. . .

Ghibli anime are my favourite source of reference for Japanese life. I've never seen a Ghibli heroine who I couldn't see myself falling in love with. But that doesn't count as checking out the local talent, because they're not real. But wait . . . wouldn't that make me even more twisted and lecherous than you? Oh, the shame. . .

Getting back to subject, I found the original Sega Dreamcast Shenmue game to be a great look at semi-rural Japanese life. Semi-rural Japanese life in 1986, mind you. . .

I've never seen Ultraman either. There's an American independent comic by a feller called Jeff Nicholson called Ultraklutz, which started out as a homage to Ultraman. By all accounts it became less monster of the week and more philosphical contemplation of the week towards the end of its run. Also check out Nicholson's latest project, Colonia, for a glimpse at what the world may have been like if Columbus had landed in the Caribbean . . . to find an America devoid of natives. No chocolate . . . no potatoes . . . no Kirsten Dunst . . . brr. . .
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