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Tyson and Sapp

mad pierrot

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22 Nov 2003
Mike Tyson will NOT fight Bob Sapp!

I know there plenty of rumors going around, I even thought they had a date picked for the fight. However, I have just found out from Mike's diet and weight trainer that he will NOT be fighting Sapp anytime soon. According to him, all the hype and media coverage was just for press.

Although, Tyson WILL be fighting this year! Rumor :) has it he is looking to make a big comeback......
A big comeback..........
HE use to be good. I'm still waiting to see if he's going to be like he use to be.

now my man Lewis! woOO!!! 👏
Tyson is washed up as a heavyweight. He might as well try and cash in here on the Sapp hype. I wonder what's keeping him? Maybe the thought of possibly getting beaten down by someone of Sapp's skill level would be to much of a blow to his pride. Maybe promoters would require that he throw the fight, and lose to Sapp.
Don't take my word for it.
I don't like posting other people's words, but here is a bit of what his trainer had to say:

"The funny thing about the Lewis/Tyson fight was that Mike trained for 2 weeks for that fight! Didn't run at all and only sparred supposedly 15 rounds and was completely sedated for the fight - which was obvious, and it STILL took Lewis 8 rounds to knock him out!"

"Now, I like Lewis when he is at his best, but he hasn't been there for a while. I would love to see him train his *** off for a Tyson fight, and have Mike at his best and let them go at it - Now that would be a fight! However, I would much rather see Tyson/Jones."

"You know, everyone discounts Mike all the time - he is just a guy that needs a little guidance - and when he puts his heart into his training - he is unbelieveable! I've worked with a ton of athletes, and I have to tell you his is one of the nicest, most personable I have ever met - I'd just really like to do with him what we did with Ronnie this year - make him so unbelievable that everyone shuts up! The last time I talked to him - he asked me, "so what are your plans for this camp?" I told him "I want you in the kind of shape that when we are done, you can put your ******* fist through a brick wall!" Mike's response was, "I like you, man! Let's do this sh*t!!"

Interesting, huh?
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For Mike to fight Sapp would be the worst thing he could do.
Sapp cant box and is a joke to watch. Its like watching a bear on acid.
Mike should concentrate on beating Lewis which I think he can if he puts his whole mind into it. Also they wouldnt pay Mike enough to come over here.
How much does K1 pay? Anyone know? Im curious.
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