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Typing katakana in American keyboard


5 Nov 2003
Hello all,

I found a Japanese website where I can download some music, but in order to do so I need to enter an ID and a password. The instruction is the following image file.

Can someone tell me what the ID & password should be if I have to type it in from an American keyboard.

I suspect in the password word field, the first Kanji refers to 'Fujisan'...

Your help is much appreciated
The image still comes up on my screen when I reply your message. Maybe you should check your computer's setting.
Anyway, you can still find out where the image locates even if you don't see it come up, just right-click the placeholder of the missing image and choose 'Property'.
Anyway, in case you have problem doing that,.
ID is:

I think the first pw is:
tomiyama akita
I think tomiyama is right. Does that say one or the other? I'm not too good with kanji. ^^;
Thanks for trying Keiichi san.
I tried all combinations of above to no avail.
Forgive my ignorance, i'm an absolute beginner to Japanese language and their data entry system. From the instruction in the image file, do they expect some kind of katakana characters to be typed into their ID & password fields? Or do I type the English transliteration of the katakana as you given me?
dohmo aligato.
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