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24 Jun 2003
I have one simple question, when are the new Civic Type R's and Integra (RSX) Type R's supposed to be sold on American dealership lots?
Good question, wish I knew the answer. Best bet would be to contact your local factory rep, although I thought I heard June (meaning this month or sometime soon) is when the new models are supposed to arrive.
i have seen a few "real" type R's over here. but not too many are actually imported.

i do not like honda cars...over here in the USA too many teen agers buy them and make them look ugly with lots of neon lights and 3 foot tall wings, and ugly body kits. 99% of most american honda cars are also very slow. there are a few i will stay that are pretty rough, but chances are if you see a civic in america it is a slow car.

acura does have some nice american cars, like the RSX and the NSX, but they are very expensive!
the type r models aren't going to be sold in american for a long while, the acura and honda dealers are however offering over priced performance packages which give the civic/rsx a supposed sportier look along with wheel, break and strut/spring upgrades. The factory offered package costs an *** raping $4.8K and is called FP which stands from factory performance. Offering this closes almost all windows of oppertunity for the type r models to make it here in the US.


yeah I agree I hate these teen agers who make cars look ugly.
Yo, that RX-7 is not a teenager's car. That's a custom built RX-7 powered by a 2JZ twin-turbo.

The US Type-R's were all right, I believe 1500 were sold nationwide? There are some JDM Type-R's imported to the US from Japan (right-hand drive ones), but those are extremely rare.

I do not think Honda is going to sell the Type-R line in the USA anytime. Only because they offer more luxurious models, like the RSX Type-S to americans. If Honda sold the civic type-r, it would cost roughly $5000 more than the Si, which would be more expensive than the RSX Type-S, which is Acura's base-car (besides the regular RSX). Too many complications or whatnot.

Hmm, come to think of it, those of us on the east coast of the USA will possibly have an easier time getting the Type-R's as opposed to the wessiduhs because they are built in England. whatever anyway, that's my $1.37
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