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Two topics: Gackt's new single and your music taste


15 Mar 2002
Hello! ^^
I've two questions:
1. What do you think about Gackt's new songs 'kimi ga oikaketa yume' and 'birdcage'?
2. Who is your favourite musician?

I have to say that I love Gackt's new songs *_* They are made in his style and are a litte bit different somehow ^.~
I guess I must listen to them more often >.>

I like following musicians: Gackt, Maaya Sakamoto, Pierrot, BoA, Malice Mizer and Plastic Tree.

Suja 🙂
I like this new single, although i haven't listened to the songs very much yet. As long as it is uptempo, it's usually ok with me. :)
Birdcage is one hell of a song!
The transition between acoustic part and the distorted metal-like riffing is awesome and just surprising. So cool *____*;;;

I like mostly Alternative Rock and Progressive Metal...but as long as it's melodic and has guitars in it it's fine for me. ^^
Japanese: like...Luna Sea, Siam Shade, B'z, Gackt...
I love more birdcage than kimi ga oikaketa yume.
Kimi ga oikaketa yume is nice song but...
umm I can't explain in English...
Gackt rasisugite chotto tsumannai tte kanji.
(sorry for Japanese)
bird cage is amazing.

>>Mori san
I was surprised to listen bird cage.

I like Gackt, Malice Mizer, L' Arc en Ciel, Onmyouza,Sibata Jun,
Hitoto Yo,Lyrico,
Blind Guardian,Sonata Arctica.

You mean it's nothing special, maybe?
So, it sounds like the songs he has done before. (which it does - it reminds me a lot of Wasurenai kara and Another World)
Heh, I like Sonata Arctica too. Are they popular for a metal band in Japan?
Originally posted by Mori

You mean it's nothing special, maybe?
thank you, I'll say so next time!
I think...
Generally Sonata Arctica is not popular in Japan.
but they're very popular throughout Japanese Heavy Metal freaks.

I didn't know Sonata Arctica cos I'm not Heavy Metal freak.
I listend a CD in HMV and I took a fancy it, and the CD was Sonata Arctica.
I'm baka... So long away... o_O

Hm... Now I'm really sure that "Yume" sounds more special to me o.o I don't know... Maybe I can't stand sad songs or music like that anymore...
I need some happiness ^^
I haven`t heard "Birdcage" or "Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume" yet... but I`m loading it down right now. My favorite musician is Gackt and Malice Mizer.
I absolutely LOVE Birdcage. I agree with Mori, I love the transition from acoustic to the metal part so much I had to download the Instrumental Version. 👍

My fave artists: Gackt, Hyde, Ayumi Hamasaki, Pierrot, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, Nanase Aikawa, Arai Akino, Oblivion Dust, Kokia, Maaya Sakamoto, The Eccentric Opera, Sugizo.

In other words, a lot of variety. ^___^
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