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Twilight of the Idols-In Conspiracy with Satan


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19 Nov 2003
If you recognize the title, then you know what this thread is about.


Anyone like them?

And speaking of metal, how many Opeth fans do we have out there?
Norwegian black metal, huh? That's Gothic for ya... :sick:
Winter, even though this doesn't fit my taste, these types of bands seem interesting. Which brings up a question: are Gorgoroth and Opeth comparable with Marilyn Manson, the Misfits, and Rob Zombie?

Btw, everyone, here are their web sites:


Hardly compare the 4 bands.

Gorgoroth is the essance of modern day black metal, which has nothing to do with gothic music. And the sheer brutality of it highly extends beyond the reach of Rob Z. or MM. Neither of whom have ever matched the eloquent destruction of what black metal is.

As for Opeth, there is nay a band alive who can compare to the brilliance of its sonic adventures. To compare Opeth to MM, is like comparing the grace and power of a Tai Chi Dragon sword to a swiss army knife.

In other words, no comparison. Opeth=brilliance.
In my opinion, Opeth is something that I cant quite put into proper words. They do a really good job of staying hard and true to what death music is, but at the same time, beautifully transition their sound into melodic, and quite peaceful serenades in mid-song.

Lots of bands try that, but Opeth personify it.

As for Gorgoroth...well...GORGOROTH!!!!!

Speaking of which, if you are jumping into this scene, listen to Immortal, and Dimmu Borgir. Trendsetters in the field. Then move to Children of Bodom. More contempory types of musicians in the field.
Sean Yseult...yum...

That's all I have to say. That was at least one good thing about White Zombie.

Just had to throw that in.
Deathwave...death has never felt so beautiful. Interesting genre. I may want to check it out in the future. 😌
Mind yourself however; most of the fields of metal are plagued with atrocious attempts at redefining the said fields.

Cannibal Corpse, while being icons in the field of death/grind metal, I personally think are repulsive, where as Vomitory, an identical band, I find I can listen to with satisfaction.

Its an obscure journey, that of the metalhead.

If you're into quality metal though, go pick up a copy of Evilized by Dream Evil. Its more of the fantasy metal, which is a wonderful sub-genre. Along with Mob Rules, Rhapsady, and Symphony-X.

Oh, and I must'nt forget Nightwish.

Kirei: Meh I say. lol
Speaking of bass, I got a new bass recently. And you know what, I think I'm going to post pictures of my babies. They're such cuties.
My favourites are The 3rd And The Mortal (Album: Tears Laid In Earth), Tiamat and Morgana Lefay/Lefay.
I like the more slow and melodic stuff with extraordinary/special voice.
Nightwish would be excellent, but is too fast for me. Opeth is really good, from what I know!
gorgoroth is probably best described as straight up black metal. I haven't heard this one yet. my personal fave is destroyer. good band too bad gaahl may be going to jail.
I def agree Gorgoroth is some twisted blisteringly fast black metal.
I would def not say they are state of the art (see Behemoth for that stuff).
Gorgortoh is a little rough around the edges...and the production on this album is ***, but if you like the heavy stuff like I do you can look past it.

Bodom is def a neo-classical death twister for sure.
Alexi is a sick guitar player and the band can def mix it up with some of the heaviest out there.

One band you must check out is Arch Enemy.
The Amott brothers are incredibly talented guitar players, and have written some of the slickest and sickest riffs in recent memory (Diva Satanica)
You must own Wages of Sin!!!!

Also check out a band called Behemoth......
Nergal and the boys new album Demigod is brutal and will
have you throwing stuff around your room....and worshipping Satan himself(lol)

If you like the dark, brooding stuff check out:
My Dying Bride and Katatonia

Katatonia reminds me alot of Opeth as well.
I even think Ackerfeld played on some of there earlier releases.

Opeth is def cool but IMO the songs are too long.
I always find myself loosing interest in them after 6 minutes and end up advancing to the next song.
No arguing with the fact that they are all accomplished musicians that write quality music, however, songs that last over 10 minutes can get tedious after a while. But hey thats why they make chocolate and vanilla.

I would describe Opeth as follows:
lush, atmospheric, acoustic interludes graced with understated clean vocals coupled with moments of unbridled,distorted,guttural vocals, mixed with a heavy does of distorted guitars and double bass drumming.

Worth a try if you dont mind the cookie monster growling type vocals.
Very unique band indeed.

Hidden Gem:
...And Oceans

If you can find their recent stuff...buy it.

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