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tv shows with english subtitles


9 Sep 2003
In the NY metro area where I'm from there was a tv show on public television called "Fujisankei Communications Group". they used to show Japanese shows with English subtitles on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evenings. I enjoyed them immensely especially the japanese soap operas. Unfortunately, when Mayor Guiliani was in power, he had the channel scrapped (channel 31 WNYC) and the shows were put on cable! I was so disappointed because now I can't watch my shows any more! :angryfire

can anyone here help me with links as to where i may see these japanese shows online or offline perhaps?

thank you all so much! :)
in my place, most (if not all) japanese movie way dubbed. so its kinda sucks because my only source left for learning japanese language is anime.
You can find some Japanese programming on International Channel. You can also probably get the Japanese cable channel (International Channel can help with that too)
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