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Tutor ideas/recommendations in UK


7 Apr 2003

Just got back from a great holiday in Japan and i loved the country very much. Now i spent a little time learning some basic Japanese through a small phrasebook but wish to develop to a much higher level for my next trip. I have searched the internet for Tutor advertisements but cannot find any, does any one have any idea of a place/organisation to contact in the UK where a tutor can be arranged. I am only probably looking to hire a tutor for one evening a week as work is very busy or perhaps even during the weekend.

Your comments are much appreciated

Hi Austin,

it depends on where you are in UK, but if you are around London, the best place should be SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies). We have a large Japanese department and many Japanese students as well. I'm pretty sure that some MA students or exchange students would like to give some private lessons. I don't really know whom you should contact, but if you want to I could hang something on the blackboard for you.

Best wishes
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