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Travel News Tsukiji Fish Market about to close


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14 Mar 2002
Sort of travel-related: next Saturday, October 6, Tsukiji Fish Market will close its gates after 83 years of continuous operation. The new market at Toyosu ("Toyosu Fish Market") will open on Oct.11. Tsukiji's outer market with all the restaurants and retailers will remain at their present location. The inner market will be demolished and rebuilt some time after the Tokyo Olympics.

It's the end of an era. And not everyone's thrilled.

Fishmongers mourn closure of famous Tokyo fish market - Japan Today

Tokyo cuts ribbon on new fish market to replace Tsukiji - Channel NewsAsia
Yeah typical government sickos. What's the last good thing they did? Demolish an icon and ruin local businesses just for parking spaces for the Olympics.

It's the Olympics that should be done away with. It's not been a force for good for a long time now, it just brings out the worst in national governments.
We went to Tsukiji last week. Lots of fun. At least they are leaving the outer markets in place. So close to Ginza. I didn't realize you could walk from the market to the big Kabuki House on the main dori.
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