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tsuideni tonchinkan

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15 Nov 2002
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anybody have a good jpeg or manga scan of that crazy series, Tsuideni Tonchinkan? The Nukesaku Sensei character has got to be one of the most aggravating characters ever made for the manga/anime medium.... :D

I'm looking for some shots of the Nukesaku Sensei's face, to annoy some people at work... :D
Konnichiwa Den4-san!

Do you know Nukesaku-sensei? Wow, why do you know?:D

I attach illustration, there is Nukesaku-sensei on TV. But this illustration is not a cut of Tsuideni Tonchinkan. This illustration is a cut of Kimagure Orange Road. The center young is Kyousuke who is the hero of KOR. He enjoy a Anime Tsuideni Tonchinkan.:D



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I used to watch it on TV when I was in Japan....I think after watching that show, I learned that I know nothing!!!! Nothing is as stupid as Nukesaku sensei....but his stupidity is his brilliance! I used to laugh like crazy watching the anime tsuideni tonchinkan....especially when the tonchinkan-gang had to beat the rivals, the anpontan-gang to get the various items of no value, with the police chasing after them.....
arrrgghghhh!!! that nukesaku sensei is so aggravating!!!!
I know one thing....if the war was against Nukesaku Sensei, we'd all be losers.... :D

PS: thanks for the picture.....that brings back scary memories.... :D
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