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Article Tsuchiura Castle

Hiroto Uehara

Castle Walker
9 Sep 2016
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Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Tsuchiura Castle

Tsuchiura Castle (土浦城 Tsuchiura-jō) is a flatland castle (平城 hirajiro) located in the wetlands along the western shore of Lake Kasumigaura, at the mouth of the Sakuragawa (桜川), in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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It is also known as Kijō (亀城, Turtle castle), because in times of severe flooding it looked as if the castle buildings emerged from the water, like a turtle floating on the surface of the sea.

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(This map is based on Google Earth. The location may not be completely accurate.)

According to folk tradition the first castle was built in Tsuchiura in the Heian Period. Around 1430, Wakaizumi Saburō (若泉三郎), a vasal of the Oda clan, is supposed to have constructed a fortification on the current location of the castle. Sugenoya Katsusada (菅谷勝貞), another vasal of...

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