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Trying to locate a Japanese friend.


3 Aug 2002
I've been trying locate the Shigeru Shimakawa family. The last time I met them was about 17 years ago. They lived in Kokura. I was teaching English at Baiko Jo Gakuin in Shimonoseki, Japan. I did some extra teaching for one of the Asashi English classes and he was in my class. I know he and his wife went to Kita-Kyushu University and his wife's family was from Kyoto. They had a number of children and his oldest son's name was Sho. Shigeru at the time worked as a MC at weddings.

I am at a lost in knowing what other ways I can try to locate this family that was so helpful to me during my six year stay in Japan. I lived in Shimonoseki for three years and then moved to Fukuoka and taught at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin and Seinan.

If anyone can help me I would be most happy in re-uniting with this family.
Does anyone know of any other web-based sites that would be helpful in trying to locate people in Japan? Does anyone have any helpful suggestion in trying to locate the Shinmakawa family?
I've posted several ideas in other folks threads.

Basically, if you have the address and name of the phone line holder you should be able to contact NTT (devil telephone company) and hopefully get a number off of them. I wouldn't be surprised that they still live in the same place (if they lived in house) if not ... then they might've moved on.

Or try contacting the Eikaiwa school you worked at. They might pass on information for you.

good luck

I live in Fukuoka city right now.
Please tell me if there's anything I can do for you.
I'm still trying to locate the Shinmakawa-san family. Last known location was in Kokura, Japan. Shigeru has a large family his oldest child at the time was interested in stamp collecting. The wife of Shigeru's family was from Kyoto. They both attended Kita-Kyushu University. They both graduated around 1974 - 75?

I'd like very much to locate Shigeru and his family again since it's been 18 years since we have last seen each other.
looking for mami

im looking for a friends called mami omagari she went to oomuta high school in fukuoka and she's about to turn 18 this year...any help??? im desperate to find her address...she lives in a suburb called yanagawa...please help!!!!
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