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Trying to learn japanese, started a week ago


Mar 29, 2015
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I figured joining a community that uses the language would be helpful, I cannot be here often, only on weekends, but I hope to get to know the people here. So far I've familiarized myself with ひらがな alphabets but not much further than that. I watch a bit of anime and also the japanese drama 1 litre of tears. Trying to use songs to learn japanese now to make things more interesting.

I'm also a table tennis fan, and I know table tennis is pretty huge in japan. With 福原愛 and 石川 as well as いと美馬 and 美羽平野 in their lineup im sure japan will be dominant on the woman's side for the years to come. Table tennis fans are welcome to talk to me. I'm also into cooking but japanese cuisine is tricky cause the ingredients are hard to find