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Trying to find family mon and any living relatives


15 Mar 2002
I am looking for my family's mon, and any information on any living relatives that I may have living in Japan. My grandfather was born February 9, 1881 in the village of Saga in the Yamaguchi Prefecture. His name was Minosuke Nagaki. I would appreciate any help in this matter.

Yours truly;

William Nagaki
I too am looking for my family mon Yamada and any living relatives [Yamada and Yabiku]. Maybe we can help each other.
for Yamada try here :::
this page is better it has all the ones for Yamada

hmmm nagaki is proving to be difficult but try here:::

it's a komon world page ::::http://www.harimaya.com/kamon/

ohhh english page listing with explanations :::: http://ww1.tiki.ne.jp/~chigusaya/bframe.htm

hmmmm nagaki seems to be popular in Miyazaki-Ken (prefecture)
ahhh no luck here ... need to call in some folks who read more japanese than I do. sorry :(
Has anyone been in contact with Donathanrm lately? I have information about her family. Please contact me if you know how to contact her. Her family in Okinawa would like to hear from her and her mother.
Saga-mura, Yamaguchi-ken is now part of Hirao-machi and a phone book lists 4 Nagaki sans.....

http://www.hirao.townnet.pref.yamaguchi.jp/ hirao town hall
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