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Trying to fill out an application for Tokyo dinner reservation...trouble with name translation:

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2 Aug 2019
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I am trying to get a reservation and getting stuck at the name piece I have:

Field 1: Name (full-width) デー (surname) and ポール (first name)
Name(Kana) Day (surname) and Paul (first name)

I get the error:

Please enter your name or kana correctly.

I have tried every iteration - not 100% sure I have the right characters in the right place but the only error I am getting is in the Name (Kana) field...
Any guidance?


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You have to enter kana (katakana or hiragana) in the second set of fields, not romaji. The instructions indicate that kana should be entered.

If you put the same content in the second set of fields as in the first, you should be fine. If there is a problem with katakana, you can try hiragana (でえ、ぽおる).
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