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Trying to figure out the name of this anime from childhood...1960-70's

Lixo Ten

5 Feb 2016
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Trying to figure out the name of this anime from childhood...yes am old

Late 60's maybe early 70's Japanese anime, It used to air in Brasil when i was a kid

Don't remember much BUT... it was about a kid that was kinda of a superhero, he had this Robot/clone, that he used to activate whenever he went off to be a hero/adventure. He maybe clicked a button to activate clone. The clone then went to school for him and so on with daily things, Upon his return, touching the clone would download the clones memories into him. I think there heads would touch or something.

Not 100% sure but I remember boots, jet pack and maybe a cape.

BTW it is not astro boy. lol
18 Jan 2005
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That's probably "Perman".
Perman (manga) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"He gives him a copy-robot which transforms into an identical clone to help him keep his secret identity during missions. However, if his secret identity becomes known to others, his brain will be destroyed for betraying the secret of Perman. This penalty is reduced to being turned into an animal in later chapters of the manga and in the anime."
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