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trying desperately to find my mom's lost pen pal for her birthday present


12 Sep 2003
I am trying desperately to find my mother's lost pen pal for either her birthday present or Christmas. She lives in Kobe Japan and the last contact my mother had with her was before the big earthquake. She has sent numerous letters and all have come back. Can anyone help? Her name is Toyomi Tnaka. You don't know what this would do for my mom!! If I locate her, I get to come with my mom to see her. Please if anyone has any information on how to find her, please email with information. Thanks so very much!!
Hi! I live in kobe and was made homeless by the earthquake(of course I have a home now which I share with a lot of animals that were orphaned because of the quake). It changed a lot of people lives as well as more than 6500 who were killed. Can you give me as much info as poss about Toyomi T(A?)naka. Tanaka is a very common family name meaning "in the middle of a rice paddy". I'll see what I can do.
I will get the last know address for my mom's pen pal and will get it to you as soon as possible. I know there was a lot of devastation during that earthquake and I am sorry you were left homeless. Hope all is well with your family. I will get back with you soon!!!
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The last known address that mom has is 320 Miphune Street, Kobe Japan. Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from your soon. Thanks so much for a little glimmer of hope.
Please check the address again as that is not how addresses are usually written. An example of the usual style: 1-2-27 Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0003
Also more info would be useful eg was she married?, approx. age, children?, job?, how did she and your Mum become pen-pals?
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