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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Japan is always considered to be a thoroughly homogenous society, yet there are local differences in behaviour that cannot be easily explained. It's obviously a known fact that people riding escalators in Tokyo stand on the left side to let others pass them by at the right side. In Osaka on the other hand people stand on the right side in order to let the hurried ones pass by on the left. Interesting insight, ne?

"Quirky" Ed has an explanation for that:

Q. Have you ever noticed that on an escalator in the Kanto and Tokai all people are standing immobile on the left side, while in the Kansai it is on the right side. Why is that ?

A. According to one unverified theory, the answer lies in the different histories of the two areas. During the Edo period, Kanto (Tokyo area) had more samurai whereas Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) had more merchants. When they went up and down stairs, samurai wanted to be on the left side so that they could draw their swords more easily. Merchants wanted to protect their wallets from thieves, so they stayed on the right. Modern escalator etiquette is a holdover from those days. Answer kindly submitted by Cathy Otty

Additional Comment from JB: The samurai not only walked on the left to be able to draw their sword from a more advantages position but to walk on the left also avoided that swords
and scabbards were accidentally touched by people coming from the other direction when walking down the street. An insult that could result in bloodshed.

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On Usenet someone else mentioned that this habit was introduced in Osaka during the Expo 1972 in order not to confuse foreigners. Mysterious Japan.
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