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Trigun Muahahahahahah

Li Mirikaru

12 Dec 2003
How many of you people have seen Trigun cos i dont see many people talking about it 👏
Trigun is one of my fave Anime's but only the original japanese version i hate the dub It is really wierd cos my friend Jiro looks like wolfwood and i mean he seriously looks like him lol *does a Triangle laugh* :devilish:
LOL... i love Trigun it ranks right up there with the best anime i have ever seen. ya gotta love Vash, he's always hilarious, well not ALWAYS but... ya. i also love Milly.. aint she great? :D

Trigun fan over here! I love this show and is also ranked up there with my all time fav anime.
I really want to buy the Trigun Box set...MONEY DAMMIT.
I did pick up the manga recently and it's really good. I recommend it since the anime didn't fully follow the original story. Good stuff!
And yes my friends....donuts! :)
Trigun just rocks i wouldn't have started this thread if it didn't and Mou Kaoru go to this site on eBay --------> http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3369767744&category=41524
The whole series is really cheap something like $5 lol LOVE AND PEACE etcetera *sings the genocide song like knives* Vn_nV
My bullets never miss there mark......especially if that mark is the heart of a beutiful woman BANG!!!!!!!!! *merryl collapses* 👏
Classic moment one of my fave in anime history Vash should be renamed Baka no Vash no Stampede lol Vn_nV
"during this conversation I could've killed you three times."

Vash- "During this conversation I could've gropped you FIVE times! "
Best quote EVER!!! :D

(^_^.) v Love and Peace!
Trigun is nifty, everyone should know.
I need to see more of it though o_O I missed all of the episodes when it was on Cartoon Network. *pout*
My fave part in Trigun was when Vash kills Legato. Not because he gets revenge, but is just so typical the way he is forced to give up his morals and ideals, classical human life and nature, betraying in what you beleive when put against the toughest circumstances, like saving someone else. One of my other favorite parts is when vash comes to save Milly and Meryl in episode 1 riding that crazy bird thing and telling that huge guy smth like " boss i'm in trouble or smth"
I didn't like that part. I felt sorry for Vash. Afterwords he was so depressed. :( I hated seeing him get dragged behind the truck 😭
I havent even seen the actuall episode, I did the episode after tho, with the truck, wasnt the one with the Merile is a reincarnated rem thing
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