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Travelling to Tokyo


free spirit
29 Oct 2002

Looks like I will be travelling to Tokyo in December, possibly January. Fortunately my schedule is flexible enough to squeeze 2-3 weeks maybe, during that period, but I'm seeing a lot of disparity in the flight's prices, with some of them fluctuating between 400竄ャ to 2000竄ャ. I'll be travelling from Lisbon to Tokyo, but I'll have to shuttle to one of the major European airports before travelling to Tokyo.

Does anyone have any travel tips about the best times to get some reasonable fares, during December and January?

Oh, and if anyone wants to meet with a tall Portuguese guy and it's girl, please send me an e-mail, since I I'll have lots of time. I'll be doing a lot of tourism, so there will be plenty of opportunities.
400 is a good price, you might wanna check online at all those travel sites. thats what i did for my international flight. saved $400 from the travel agent. sometimes the fairs are just stupid charging alot more for the same plane ride, i guess for suckers who would pay double.
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