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Travelling to National Parks in Eastern Hokkaido


6 Apr 2008
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Hi, All,
I am planning to visit East part of Hokkaido in September. I am looking at visiting Lake Notoro, Shiretoko national park, Akan National Park and Kushiro national park. I will finalise my plans depending on transportation and accommodation.
I plan to fly from Tokyo to Memambatsu and then travel around Hokkaido by trains and buses (I'm terrible in directions so I don't plan to drive especially since I would be travelling alone). I will be in Hokkaido for 10 - 12 days.
I have a few questions on transportation:
1) Should I get a JR pass for Hokkaido?
2) I found a Twinkle Bus that is limited to JR Pass holders only. If I do not buy the JR pass, is there public buses to get to these national parks?
3) Are there tour buses/ companies that can take me to any of these national parks?
4) I feel I am rather ambitious visiting so many national parks in less than 2 weeks. Am I? For each parks, I would be taking day trips instead of multiple day hiking.
Thank you very much once again!


22 Apr 2003
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I would check into the Akan (or Shari, Abashiri....) Bus Company sightseeing buses as your best (only) chance for efficient and speedy public transport around that whole area.
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