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Travelling by Train! HELP!


5 Dec 2007
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OK, all set for our trip to Japan on the 14th.

Except accomodation.
We have 3 days where we don't know where to go.

OK, our route is as follows (A place = one night)

Yokohama -> Yokohama -> Fujisan -> Kyouto -> Kyouto -> XXXXX -> XXXXX -> XXXXX -> Toukyou -> Toukyou

We need to be in Toukyou by the 9th Day because our JR pass crumbles on that day =D

So, we want to go to Hokkaido. But I can't get information on a Kyouto to Hokkaido transfer by rail... and google maps doesn't give a distance (in fact, it tells us to get a plane - too expensive)

So, would anyone be able to tell us:
Approx distance and time to get from Kyouto to Hokkaido

However, we want to stop off somewhere on the way for a night. Approximately halfway to Hokkaido.

-> Kyouto -> XXXXX -> Hokkaido

The only type of area we don't want is purely-commerical areas, because we need the money for the last two days in Toukyou

So basically, We need distance and time from Kyouto to Hokkaido by rail, and an idea for a place to visit that is on the way there.

Thanks soo much for the help. My father (stupidly) left acommodation until the last 2 weeks haha, so we have struggled a little bit finding places.



Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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From Kyoto to Hakodate (you didn't way where in Hokkaido) can be done in about 9 hours and is 1402km with two transfers. Figure 13 or so hours from Kyoto to Sapporo, with three transfers and a distance of 1720km.

For Wakkanai....you're looking at between 3 and 6 transfers, a distance of over 2100km, and spending 24 or more hours on trains.

This is all easily researched via http://www.ekikara.jp

And if you're thinking you're going to ride the rails from Kyoto to Hokkaido and have time to stop off and sightsee along the way, I wouldn't count on it. Your day will be pretty well filled up with clickety-clack-clickety-clack.

I suppose you could blow one day riding up there, sightsee in Hokkaido for one day, then blow the third day riding back down to Tokyo. But given human nature my guess would be that you'll all be at each other's throats long before you get to Tokyo.


12 Jan 2008
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Why not spend some time in the Izu peninsula (between Tokyo and Kyoto) enjoying an onsen or in Hakone. If you are a fan of old steam locomotives, you may also enjoy the Oigawa valley. Kamakura near Tokyo is also an option, and you may want to go to Himeji (nice castle there).

Near Kyoto, Nara is certainly worth the travel, as is Kobe (where you can spend some time in Arima onsen).

I would advise not to travel too extensively in Japan, as this is quite tiring, and you need some time to feel the pace of the cities you travel in.



4 Feb 2005
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Points to consider
1. All night sleepers are very popular
2. Reservations are not available from outside Japan. So you will have to make reservations soon after you arrive at Narita.
3. Extra charge (about 6000JPY for a cheapest bed) is required for beds even with your JR pass.

Two Ltd. Ex. sleepers are available.
Twilight Express (Osaka->Sapporo)
Nihonkai (Osaka->Aomori), then change trains to Hokkaido

An excursion between Kyoto and Hokkaido
Kanazawa is a nice and cozy city to see around.

Kyoto to Kanazawa in the evening ->
One day trip around Kanazawa before the night sleeper->
Hokkaido ->

Toyama is also a good choice with its moutaneous area if you are a nature-loving, but I don't know it is feasible for your one day or half day excursion.

As you can see the timetable of JR Hokkaido...

When you leave Hakodate, Hokkaido, at 16:51 (Ltd. Ex. Hakucho 32), you can come back to Tokyo at 23:08.
Or two night sleepers to Tokyo


5 Dec 2007
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Thanks everyone for the help.

God, I doubt its a good idea to go to hokkaido this time. =O

I think we shall spend time in the area between kyouto and toukyou.

Thanks everyone. XD
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