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Travelled to Otsu, Shiga met a girl only exchange names and info but not contact number

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Jeremy Zeta

17 Jul 2017
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While i am travelling throughout kyoto/shiga, I've gone to omi-jingu(famous in anime ちはやふる)
We met at omi jingu station where I ask the direction to omi jingu shrine and she help me to go there as well talk to each other,
We only exchange names... She write down her name and her kanji name, gave it to me... I also write mine and gave it to her
I can't find her in social media and other sites, I also said to her to add me on facebook, but it looks like she doesn't know how to use it.
she have a Line.me and maybe instagram,

Her name is Yonezawa Runa
Her kanji name is 米澤瑠奈

She works at a hospital in otsu but I dont know specifically where....

I've got temporary work here in japan so I can't go to kyoto/shiga again
If desparate measure comes, i'll call all hospitals near the stations of otsu city
Or by instagram, we have 1 picture of selfie, ill #tag all her name forms in kanji,romaji,hiragana and the omijingu shrine, omi jingu castle and otsu shiga..

If anyone can give me an information about her in social media or her line.me / contact then I'll owe you a lifetime of gratitude
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