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travel states for OBON season


15 Apr 2002
With the continued bad economic situation Japan is going through vacationers have decided to stay close to home, go cheap, and stay only a few days.

74,000,000 in country
2,400,000 to foreign countries

these numbers were on the news through JTB travel.

Also, this year, bonuses are down and taking longer vacations is pretty dam hard since if you did you might not have a job when you come back.
The first time I was in Japan was also during Obon season. It was funny to see the streets of Tokyo completely deserted. Oh, and I was allowed to accompany my wife's family to their prayer services which was pretty impressive.

As you said, it was very difficult to find shinkansen seats.

Btw, when does school start?
School starts on Monday.
I think though that the kids in clubs have already gone back.

I'm back to work on Monday too.

I finished cleaning the house ... 3 days of re-doing 2 rooms.
Carpet, curtains, wash windows and floors, and threw out my desk and book shelves all for baby :)

1 problem, I don't have any where to put my external hard drive ... errrr
probably some drawer of something ...
At least your wife can't complain after such a weekend, hehe.

Space limitations... Nahoko had a small garden in her Tokyo apartment, about 5 square metres (53 square feet) in size. That garden was occupied but a large container, only way to store all of her belongings. Space is a real problem in Japan...
lol, women, they still find something to complain about.

But at least she let me stay on the net longer than usual after :)

Yep space really does suck but it's something you get used to.
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