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9 Aug 2003
Does anyone know where I can get the software that shows the Japanese Characters when you are on a japanese site? I think someone has deleted it from my computer 😡

Now I just get a lot of mumbo jumbo :(
Download from Windows Update find thejapanese language support pack, or just let it search your system and you can then pick it as a choice from the list.
it's called jamondo.exe isn't it? i've saved it so many times (it's so handy)
good luck!
Check the encodings you have in your preferences. I am not sure what sort of PC or browser you are using, but if there is a "View" menu, look at what is the default encoding and you might be able to adjust it manually, or you may need to go into "Preferences".
oh yeah, i forgot about that
one can just go in there like ^ and add languages
xp automatically asks if it's okay to download i think? when visiting a page
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