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5 Jul 2003
Can anyone traslate these for me plezz...
1. how do you feel about this problem?
2. Can i ask you something offensive?
3. Thank you for your help
4. Please feel free to post me your comments.
5ツ。I thank you in advance.

My guesses:

1. kono mondai ni tsuite dou omoimasu ka?
2. shitsurei desu ga nanika kiite ii?
3. otetsudai o arigatou gozaimashita
4. comment o jiyuu ni irete kudasai
5. hmmm good question, I'm not sure how to thank somebody in advance. You'd usually say onegaishimasu or douzu yoroshiku or something like that.
how to read these and what do they mean?
i saw these in a chatroom...wonder what they means..
"I thank you in advance".haa..
> 超初心者はキツク
The first part means "extreme beginner". The second part means either "kick" or the adverbial form of "kitsui". I think maybe it's the latter. Therefore my guess is that it means Beginners are a pain. This isn't a complete sentence, by the way.

> 交換の話しは禁止です
Exchanging conversation is not allowed or Back and forth conversation is not allowed.

If these two fragments are part of the same sentence, it would mean Conversation exchange by beginners is not allowed under any circumstances.{/I] (The kitsuku would be equivalent to zettai ni in this case).

> 昨日はほんますいません
I'm really sorry about yesterday.

> 初心者の方も気軽

Beginners should also be cheerful. In other words, Even if you're new, don't worry and have fun.
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