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translation please...

Is this re (pasting on?) a Gundam action figure? Curl? It's pretty straightforward except for knowing exactly what "tensha" should be. Copy? Transcribe? Transfer? Does someone know more about this process than I do?
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Konnichiwa Minasan!


How to put a Gundam decal.
1. Cut out the mark roughly.
2. Set the mark to the place where you want to put the mark, and rub the sheet softly with spherical thing as like the point of ballpoint pen.(You must set the mark downward, the back sheet is surface and you rub the sheet)
3. Peel away the sheet of mark(the mark peel off the back sheet). If you fail in transfer(separation), rub the sheet softly once again.
"Tensha" means "transfer" in this case.:p

Ahhhhh, decal it must be. Where is that katakana dictionary when I really need it? I was still thinking of the Gundam D series dolls :D.
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