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Translation from english to kanji for a tattoo ^^


11 Aug 2016
Hi guys!
I wish to get tattooed this quote :" See with eyes unclouded by hate" but can't find proper translation...
Could someone help me out?
Thanks you SO much ^^

Forgot to post I found this online: 曇りなき眼で見定め、決める, is it accurate?
The Japanese sentence you found is the protagonist Ashitaka's words in a movie Miyazaki Hayao's Prinsess Mononoke, meaning "I'll discern with eyes unclouded, and then decide".
The Japanese phrase you found translate into "I'll discern with eyes unclouded, and then decide", as Toritoribe-san said. If that is what you want to say, you are good to go. If you really want it to say "unclouded by hate" then the phrase you found doesn't quite hit the mark.
It means '誰にも定めは変えられない、ただ待つか、自ら赴くかは自分で決められる in Japanese.
Thank you so much guys! It is indeed the quote from Mononoke I am looking for so if it translates into what you posted and the kanji I had is correct I am truly happy !! ^^
Even if your quote is used in the English version of Princess Mononoke, it's not completely the same as the original Japanese version. I already gave you the English translation of the original Japanese 曇りなき眼で見定め、決める, and it's different from your English phrase, as Majestic-san already pointed out about the difference. The correct translation of "See with eyes unclouded by hate" should be something like 憎しみの曇りなき眼で見よ since it's an imperative sentence.
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