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Translating words/phrases for a painting

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7 May 2019
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Howdy! So happy to of found this forum ^_^. I'm needing help in translating a handful of words/phrases for a painting. I'll likely add to this list as I'm able to... it's surprisingly difficult to find proper species distribution maps for NA snails.

*Eastern Bluebird
*Creeping Vine
*Black Ratsnake
*Gray Ratsnake
*Laura's Snaketail
*Rhodiola Root
*Lion's Mane
*Cherrystone Drop
*Tiger Spiketail
*Rusty-patched Bumble Bee
*Yellow-banded Bumble Bee

Thank you so much!


19 Sep 2016
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I'm needing help in translating a handful of words/phrases for a painting.

How about if we teach you how to do it yourself instead?

First, install Japanese language support on your device (PC, tablet, etc.). Then go to the English-language Wikipedia, and find the entry for the item you want to translate. On the language selection menu, click on Japanese and locate the name of the item. That's it!

For specific items that do not have a wikipedia page, you will have to look for the more general item. For example, 'rubyspot' instead of 'smoky rubyspot'. In some cases, there will be a specific page in English, but not an equivalent in Japanese: in those cases, you will also have to search using a more general term.

The Japanese versions of most of the items in your list will be expressed in katakana. If you don't already know katakana, it would be helpful to learn it. There are many free apps today with which you can learn it. It shouldn't take very long.

If you only need to have the results in romanized Japanese (i.e., Japanese as expressed using our alphabet), then you can find a website, browser add-on, etc., to convert the Japanese script into the roman alphabet.


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14 Mar 2002
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If there's no Japanese Wikipedia page it also helps to google the Latin species name adding "in Japanese".

E.g. searching for "Bombus affinis" (the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee) and "Japanese" will turn up this page:

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