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Translating on a WWII japanese Flag


Collecting (Returned or sold Antique in Japan)
28 May 2015
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Konnichiwa Mina,

I've would like Sensei here in borrowing a helping hand in helping to translate this Yosegaki Hinomaru, is that possible? Due to language Barrier and lack in technology accuracy "Google Translate", my hands got tie and unable to learn more behind the flags that I have possessed. I wish to learn the stories and the history behind the flag so that I can Documented it.

The reason I'm so attached into this kind of things is that I worked in a museum as freelance. specifically in the Occupation of the Japanese Empire genre and amazed on each and every item has its own stories waiting it to be told. I would love to show the items that I owned and share it to the students that visited to the dry and boring museum.

I know there are Tons of work in fully translate a flag but I just to wish to get the important information extracted out and workout on the minor information myself.

I have been told by my colleague who is a Chinese says that this is a TokkōTai flag due to most of the slogan pulled this flag towards that path.

Sorry if I asked alot but I need the tough part to be translated by native and Others I can work my way out with my Chinese colleague.


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