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Translating my name... again!


13 Aug 2003
Hey I know i posted this before and i know i should use the search button to see what i had last time, but i want a confirmation of this! Because since im studying French, my teacher is encouraging us to learn other languages to, so maybe i can bring my D- to at least a C- if i start writing my name, date and period in nihongo, and so i'm asking all you Japanese speakers and writers and anyone else who can contribute to the "Me getting a better grade hopefully thread!" by spelling and saying my name in japanese... I would like to know how to say Jonathan Baul and be able to write it in Katakana, and hiragana, and if possible that fancy writing like they use in signatures! arigato gozaimasu, also sumi masen... ^.^🙂 🙂
Well, it depends. Do you pronounce your last name "Boll", "Ball", or "B-"ou as in ouch"-"l?

I'll give it a whack.

Jonosan Baaru
Remember, your family name would come first, so

I don't think you'd want to write it in hiragana. Otherwise, people might think you're writing Jono-san, like somebody named "Jono" and attaching an honorary suffix to yourself (which isn't done.)
Plus, your name isn't a native Japanese name, so you'd write it in katakana.

Here you go, though: ばーるじょのさん

"Fancy writing"? Do you mean kanji?
There isn't a kanji for your name.
Here's the original thread. All you need to do is look for the list under each posters name. :) I'm sure there probably is something in kanji as well, either phonetic, denotative or connotative or maybe even a combination of the first and latter if you're lucky. And Paul is ポール, so ボール (Baul/Bowl) is probably also correct just adjusting the "p" to "b."

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