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Help Translate sentence from boyfriend's letter


11 Oct 2003
I would appreciate any help I can get translating this sentence. I figured out most the the words, but I don't know the arrangents of the words.

watashi was annata ich matsu seppun chodai

I think ?

I think he's saying he can't wait to give you a big kiss. Better let one of the pros go over it when they get on later.


Thank you very much. This is sure a better way that researching all over internet and dictionaries. I really appreciate the help.

It's difficult since the Japanese spelllings are not correct....ichimatsu ? choudai? Something about you & him and a kiss, though, for sure :p.

Thank you very much for you help. In some of the Japenese-English Dictionaries on line it said ichimatsu==a touch of, tinge of, wreth of smoke and chodai==exceptionaly large. So from your saying is him and me are going to have an EXEPTIONALY LARGE KISS. That is great, waited 32 years for that. Thank you I wanted to be sure before I said I knew waht it meant.

Well, I'm not really sure because the grammar still doesn't make sense. Better wait for a native speaker to work this one through :).
Your Right

:) Your right Elizabeth, several times I thought I had it and decide to wait on telling Him I knew what it meant then i though wait there is the words order, that i did'nt know. I am deffinetly waiting, it's been to long i I want a good comebak. I have sent him few thing in Japanese only hrase out of book. But,,,,,,,, If you know of some nice romantic things to say you can e-mail them to me(so the whole message board dosent see depending what your going to send.
Thanks again

Romantic sentences do me in every time too :sorry:. From someone tickled pink when her boyfriend simply says "I wonder if you're alright?" :D.
Originally posted by Elizabeth
Romantic sentences do me in every time too :sorry:. From someone tickled pink when her boyfriend simply says "I wonder if you're alright?" :D.

Hehe...yeah, I have the same reaction when someone says to me only, "I hope you're fine"...or "I hope you will be feeling better soon"... :p
I'm Ok


I was dating him in 1970-71 and we wer talking about getting married, and we were even looking at picture of wedding dress. and he went into the military and I saw him get on the plane in Feb 1971. You know the gut feeling or that feeling you will never see someone again. That's how it was in Feb when he got on the plane. I got injured in a wreck in Apr 1971 and also had a concussion and loss some memory. I still felt all that love and was so alone or torn apart and wondered how I was going to make it without him. Then after the wreck someone I broke up with in 1969(I was 16 the)visted my neighbor and found out I was in the hospital, and then with a month we got married. I had such an emptynes in me, to this day it had never gone. I had been married since May 1971 and just divorced Oct 8,2003. I found, after 32 years on Classmates.com, he saw my name and e-mailed me and we have neen just talkeing every now and then. So when he told me that sentence you can only imagine how i'm feeling to know its a good meaning and not a bad one like rejection. I guess teir is really something wrong but a good wrong, those feeling never died only had to bury them, i I have been digging like hell to get them all out, but some of my memoreis of even other friend and family, can't remember.

I'm sorry to bable on, but you seem to me to have compassion and understanding, otherwise you would have responed. Thanks it really means alott. All good thing come out of every thing band

Sounds familier !

Know how you feel Val ! I was to marry a Japanese girl in 1971. By the time I got out of the Navy, got a job and place for us to live in Maine, she chickened out on coming over. The older I get, the stronger the memories are ! My dream is to find her before I die.

And Elizabeth, I'll take a library card from you any day !!!

Thanks for understanding. Sign up with classmates.com.
I did and posted a message to find old girl friends. Another guy posted a message, which was the best friend of my old boyfreind. We talked back and forth for over a month. One day I saw my boy friend had been on classmates one day. My heart dropped. This was after 1 year of researching the divorce and 7 months after the seperation. You can only imagine how everthing came flooding back into my heart. 2 days later he e-mail me. We have been talking since. But he is the kind of guy to that didn't want to do anything to stir up my marriage. incase we got back together. I told him it was long over, long time. So we take a step at a time since we are 2 different people know. But inside we are the same if not more than 1971. I have done alott of genealogy the past 7 years and a cousin has spent 40 years going genelogy. If I can help find in any way to help locate her for you i can give you some help if you need and want it. If I were you, I would do what I did sig up with class mate.com/
Even old feeling never die, just just get buried until the Lords says its the reight time. In my case, the Lord has got the ball rolling.
Take care hope to talk to. Some times it really helps having an outsider to talk to and it does help you sort through and clean the dust off those memories.
Take care,
Left To Wonder !

Well, I'm still happily married with a home and 2 cats to care for. I can only wonder about my long lost love. Is she still alive, did she get married and have kids, is she happy ? I can't contact her for fear of messing up her life. Who knows, maybe we will meet in our next life. I have a lot of great memories but believe in the saying , "You can never go back" .
I really hope your dream of a new-found love happens !

It's good your happliely married. If you always tres your wife as a Queen she will treat you as you King. Then in the here after you both will be among the great nations. I bless you with all the happiness in the world. I'm a good judge of character and i can tell by your words and how you use them yoou are a good man. Take care, yes we can never go back, you will always have those past memories, and in the Lords time they will come forward when need be.
You still may use your Library card when ever you need to.

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