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Transitive/intransitive verbs


23 Nov 2002
I understand that transitive verbs need a subject + object and intransitive verbs rely on the subject
However which verbs are transitive verbs and which are the intransitive
Is there an easy way of remembering??
almost Japanese, as well as I, is not conscious whether verbs are transitive or intransitive blow by blow, each time speaking in Japanese.
when you speak in English, are you coscious whether transtive or intransitive? I guess you are not coscious probably.
it's a same thing. the estimation figuring out if transitive or not depends on the context.
when you retain the verbs, you need not to separate whether transitive or intransitive. the verb along with object is transitive in the sentense. without object, intransitive. dont take things too seriously.
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