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train subway tokyo confusion?


8 Nov 2010
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train subway tokyo confusion?


Could you either answer the following ? or redirect me?

We are going to Tokyo for about 10 days.

We are flying into & out of Narita.

We are staying in Shinjuku in Tokyo.

I am confused about transportation.

I would like your advice.

We would like the easiest, yet also cheapest, mode of transportation

for the whole trip.

Should we take the limo/bus to & from Narita

& then get the what (?) pass for tokyo tourist type transportation?

OR should we get a JR pass (here in the US ahead of time)

& then buy (again ? - what passes for subways - trains in Tokyo)

when we get there?

We would like to just try the bullet train - does it go to Hakone?

We do not want to stay over night - just try it.

What is the quickest/shortest place from Tokyo it goes?

& does that affect what type of transportation we get?

The place we are staying in Narita offers free transportation

to Tokyo Station. Should we use that & then just take

the subway to Shinjuku & a cab to our hotel there

OR is 1 pc. of luggage going to be to much to lug on that type of journey?

Thank you so much for reading this email & responding to it,


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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If you're going to spend 10 days all in Tokyo (a waste of precious time IMO), you will not need a JR Rail Pass.

Yes, take the limo bus to Tokyo.

Look on www.hyperdia.com for whether bullet train goes anywhere.


14 Nov 2010
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You can take a bullet train from Tokyo to Shin-Yokohama. THAT is a short trip. It would take longer to walk in and out of the two stations than the ride. You won't need a rail pass unless you intend to spend much of your time on the rails.
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