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Traditional gender roles

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14 Mar 2002
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Fewer Japanese back traditional gender roles

" Forty-seven percent of Japanese back the traditional roles of men as breadwinners and women as housewives, down 11 percentage points from five years ago, the Prime Minister's Office said in a survey on gender equality released Saturday. [...]


"...only a slight increase was seen in husbands taking part in doing household chores, as only 3.9% of the husbands take charge of cleaning but 82.4% of the wives do so..."

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=1&id=229442

Hubbies out there, are you fulfilling your household chores?😏
You bet, if I didn't I'd get yelled at.

This study probably reflects more younger people upon aging beliving in the US way of life.

Big mistake since they don't know the whole story.
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Originally posted by moyashi
You bet, if I didn't I'd get yelled at.

Same here. And since Nahoko often returns very late from office 90% of these chores are mine. Yelled at and beaten, aren't we a poor bunch of guys, haha...
@ Thomas
Same here. And since Nahoko often returns very late from office 90% of these chores are mine. Yelled at and beaten, aren't we a poor bunch of guys, haha...
,, hahaha, sooo funny, you men dont know your liveing<lol
on a more serious note, you are a bunch of responsable guys, lol

(did anyone read "the other night story, futher down the link Thomas posted, its a "Must"hehe).
hmmm, I've been on the recieving end of various household items .... now, somebody tell me that isn't husband abuse ;)
lol,,, she is only letting off a bit of steam hahaha, when the pots boils over she will calm down again, its a case of letting the other half know that we are still alive!! 😊 bet it works well in your home too! 😄
Yeah, it does get my attention. I wish that she would try a different way.
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Fortunately, such outbrakes are predictable. I always switch to "smooth mode" before and refrain from contradicting at all costs, lolol.
@ thomas and Moyashi🙂

I also have a husband that takes a bit longer to hear what I saying than I would prefer,lol , when I have said something 3-4 times, and he still insists doing things his way (hehe)or with total disreguard for my emotions, then the only alternative is to "get heard and noticed"🙂 if this entails boiling over, then so be it, he then says things like "you should have said something before" and when I refresh his memory on all occassions that I did say before, he says things like " but I didnt know you felt like this about it" hahaha:p well then he knows,lolol and all is peaceful again,:) , is that what you two do????? pretend to hear what your wifes are saying???👏 👏 of course it is!!! hahaha🙂 Kidding you dont have to answer that!!:D
umm, but it's not normally anything really related to her feelings "I think" ?!?!

It's normaly more along the lines of turn on the fan while in the shower NOT after. Do the kitty liter before she says too. Simple household things like that.

Also, who knows.

I do try to listen but we all make mistakes :(
I have aquired some wisdom a few years ago that has benifited me greatly.

"I have a penis, I will always screw up and be wrong"

This is going to help you in every aspect of your life. Once you realise this, you can go in to PR mode and handle the reprocutions of your actions. Once I came to this conclusion, my wife and I's relationship has gotten stronger and less...violent...LOL
hmmm, I wonder if it isn't more like ...
"YOU have a penis, and YOU will always screw up and be wrong"

Thinking from the female side of things here.

hmmm, I'm gonna give your words of wisdom some deep thought.
Hahahaha :D

well that took me by surprise😌lolol (cough,cough):)

any-way, as for those little tiny household duties, they all mount up and condensation on a shower interior is a womans night mare!!lol, because I have found that after a shower has been used a few times, and the condensation has dried in(afew times) then its pretty difficult to remove, well lets say it needs a bit of elbow work! and who would have to perform this task, in most cases the woman, and like I pointed out earlier, while a shower is being taken then all we can think about is, that dam condensation, the removal of it, and the work involved, 3 bad thoughts all at the one time,all because of a shower,, lol

:p 😄
/me advises: stop them from taking showers. ^_^

[Hehe, don't take me serious today, I reeeeally need some sleep.]
well that was the 3 bad thoughts on men in the showers, heres the 3 good one's,
🙂 😊 :)
Lol, Debs that's probably what my wife thinks.

Elbow work is done by the male members in my household ;)
@ moyashi,
Elbow work is done by the male members in my household

Well its clear that there is no such thing as a traditional gender role in your home😄 ,When you come here to visit🙂 I'l have all the nessary cleaning products here, with the gloves to protect your kitten soft skin,lol, just so you feel at home!👏
lolo ... you really know how to make me laugh don't you Debs ;)

Just as a warning. I'm very picking about my chemicals. I like em strong and efficent. No cheapy good for nothing cleansers even if they're brand names. I like the good old fashion stuff that works from the start. Japan's cleansers suck. I miss 409 a cleanser from the states. That stuff cut through grease and what not real quick. Now, I gotta deal with products that take a half a bottle that a few sprays of 409.

There was a similar product on the market called "Jiff" but it disappeared. Maybe it worked so well that it was cutting into market sales.

I can't even find amonia (spelling) now that sucks.

I was asked to start a company called "Casu-kin" by my old co-workers since I would go on cleaning streaks. hehe ... Maybe, I surprised everybody when I used newspaper to clean the windows ;)
lolol,, 🙂

@ "jif" that has recently changed its name to "sif" apparently the word "jif" was too difficult to pronounce for any foriengners that came to England and so on, so its now "sif" and I have it here in the bucket loads, hehe thats if I'm referring to the right stuff, the cleanser 409, I'v never heard of that one, but there is a cleanser here called "astonish" and its really great, ones for the bathroom, kitchen, ovens, window sprays ect, but I must admit that you cant beat the newpaper for windows, no smudge or smear, just shine, lol,🙂
I'm very picking about my chemicals
Thats easily sorted, bring your own supply, lol, and dont forget enough for the entire household:clap: :D
Jif and Astonish ... wow ... I bet those are the types that I like. Dangerous stuff to use in small areas with poor ventilation. I hate the highs that they give you though, I get horrible headaches.

I need to find something like them here. I can't find anything that works any more :(

OH, hehe, I don't carry recreational chemicals. hmmm, I could go for a good smoke though. I'm not normally into such reacreations but every 2-3 years ... well, I do slip. :) and enjoy a good smoke. That's it though, I'm too straight for anything else.
Guess we're talking about the same product, here however it's called "zif".
I'v just seen it on t.v here and I think we are all talking about the same stuff, the correct spelling(hehe for here) is get ready for it "cif" and as usual I spelt it how it it pronounced, and there's a big word to discribe that aswel, so here it goes (as it's pronounced of course)"phinetically" please some-one correct my spelling,may-be Thomas, moyashi,samuriatora, know which word I mean, they usually catch on quite quickly to my meanings, and that is meant as a compliment🙂

any-way as we are on gender roles,, lol I cant help but be amazed at this thread, here I am discussing "jif,sif,zif and finally cif" with 2 men hahaha, how cool is that👍 👏 you are both a credit to the male population,lol🙂
That's why are wives married us ;)

Foget speelings, since I don't spelle well either :)
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