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traditional apeach for Best Man in Japan


8 Oct 2003

Is there any particular tradition when performing as BEST MAN in a Japanese/American wedding?

Any comments asap!


Are you a best man? If so, I would ask the couple what they would like you to do. If they are going all-American style, then the traditional western best man duties can apply. If they are going with a mixed style, clear everything with them first. If they are going all Japanese, also ask, as what is a "Japanese" wedding (unless it is very traditional) is very open to interpretation by the couple involved.

If you are going to ask someone to be a best man, don't be shy to tell him what you want. Good luck :)
Is the bride Japanese and the groom American?

There's probably no need to do anything special though if you have to give a toast, you could throw in a "kekkon omedetou -- kampai" at the end for the sake of any Japanese speakers.
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