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Tracing Imported car owner


15 Mar 2002
I recently purchased a Japanese import car (Mitsibushi FTO) and was wondering if there was a way of tracing its previous Japanese owner. I know it's a long shot but if there is anyone out there who knows how to trace an owner in Japan I would be eternally grateful. I found a reciept of some kind in the boot but it is all in Japanese and unfortunately I do not speak the language.
There is also some kind of disc on the back window but once again, all the writing is in Japanese.

Here's hoping

Willy c
Hello Willy,

I own a grey import too (Eunos roadster) and got all the details about its former owner (name, address, Japanese reg number...) on what is called the de-registration document. The original is in Japanese, of course, but an English translation came with my car. Ask the seller, he/she might have it!
I think the disc you have on the window is for the "shaken", the combined MOT and insurance Japanese have to buy regularly to keep the car on the road. Does it feature figures on it? Usually the one inside is the year of validity, the one pointed at on the outside the month. The complete date being in red, readable from inside the car. It doesn't mean much in Europe as in Japan years are counted since the current Emperor got in power, hence the "9", or "10" on it. Using the name on my deregistration document, I tried to trace the owner on the Internet but it's not easy... Good luck to you and congratulations on seeing the light and buying such a great car !

Cheers for that Dimitri. Yeah the car is awesome. I'll go and check the inside of that sticker and see what it says. I'll also try and contact the person I bought it off to see if they have the document. If they don't do you know where I can obtain a copy?

Willy c
Hi Willy,

Did you buy the car from a private person or from a company? The document must have been issued so that the car could leave Japan. Unless it's a dodgy import, I don't think it's possible to export a car from Japan without it. Perhaps the company that transported the car to the UK had a copy?


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